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If you have any standard antivirus or even the default windows firewall, it will not let any unregistered application use javaw to run as background process. However, when I am up and running my counter there is a 90% change that sometime during the proceedings I get a message: "Javaw has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL. even if the game runs within windows See also: Link marvin it's belongs to SUN, and used by Silicon Image SATA RAID monitor application. The client will normally need Inbound and Outbound loopback(usually only Inbound) Protocol: TCP, direction: Inbound, Remotehost:, Allow it 3.

Tryed updating to latest java program still no go. However it does suck up memory alot so shut it down when you stop using it. I've got Azureus using a particular port. Settings of installed Azureus should be preserved.

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JJJ I found that in azureus it would only start to take away my CPU power if I had capped my downloads to a certain amount. Azureus 32-64 bit Multilingual & Vuze Leap 22 November 2016 Bittorrent Client without installation. What I want to do is make a launcher for Azureus to replace the original "Azureus.exe" because it is made with a non-open source tool (exe4j) . Don't have difference among others java application: same memory and processor consume.

I rebooted, did not start up Azureus again - and they still came. Java installs javaw.exe into :\WINDOWS\System32 and :\Program Files\Java\*java version*\ on XP. Lawson For Bittorrent Azureus, how it downloads and uploads Any It will eat memory like crazy on a powerful computer if let alone Avs This is the JAVA Runtime, In my https://wiki.vuze.com/w/Configuring_NOD32 In learning mode I see some strange records in the "Log Viewer" among the "Blocked connections". (see attached gif) Maybe this wil help support to determine the real problem?

Mozilla Firefox 50.0.1 32-64 bit Multilingual Ashampoo Burning Studio Multilingual Notepad++ 7.2.2 32-64 bit Multilingual REAPER 5.29 32-64 bit En CDBurnerXP 32-64 bit Multilingual Calibre 2.73 32-64 bit Multilingual RunTimeX 100% cpu-If Azureus related does not happen each time. God It is used to run programs that are supported by Java (i.e. javaw hater Azerus use.

Enraged User: --- Quote from: marciton on April 21, 2006, 11:21:04 PM ---Both don't work for me ... If you have got a problem with Azureus, Limewire , XYZ,ABC .its with the application u r executing not with javaw Thirumalai As many people as claim it is, javaw.exe is All the memory it uses are really the java programs running. If you shut down the GUI "only" maybe javaw.exe keep running in the back as long as You dont issue a close-conn command through the GUI.

This is the Java Runtime Environment. http://ascadys.net/javaw-exe/javaw-exe-high-cpu-usage.html Google Chrome 54.0.2840.99 32-64 bit Multilingual ConvertXtoDVD Multilingual Driver Magician 4.9 Multilingual XnView 2.39 & XnViewMP 0.83 32-64 bit Multilingual... Twilight Sparkle As those who knows anything about computers and java has stated before, this process is part of the Sun Java runtime, and a lot of programs use it. StarBreeze10 Dec 2005, 22:51It is a strange bug upon the whole..

Now you'll have to find the right Javaw.exe file and add it to exclusions. Sometimes memory leaks will happen. This variant of several forms may control a remote system via means of IRC. http://ascadys.net/javaw-exe/javaw-exe-no-disk.html Good for swing/AWT applications.

D. reinsalkas Taking up 80% of a 16GB Virtual machine??? If it is using a lot of CPU/RAM, it either means it is running a heavy Java program, a faulty java program or a Java-written virus.

If you end this process, you end your Java application.

That should explain everything (the HP bit) 404 Its a memory hog Phill This file is an implementation of a virtual machine. Eliminating restored normal operating speeds. Al. I rank this neutral because it's not necessarily dangerous, but performance may be degraded by useless java apps running in the background.

Anyway, I know for me some downloads show the yellow face for a while before going green. Coding GUI in Java is hard and the end result is both inferior to native windows GUI and MUCH MORE resource intensive. if it kills your processor , it means your pc sucks It is part of azureus, so if u have it, ur pirating free stuff and should be jailed. Check This Out Hi, where is the download link for Java Portable? 21/10/16 13:24 Bernat said...

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