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RuddEditie3, geïllustreerdUitgeverSpringer Science & Business Media, 2012ISBN1447107551, 9781447107552Lengte342 pagina's  Citatie exporterenBiBTeXEndNoteRefManOver Google Boeken - Privacybeleid - Gebruiksvoorwaarden - Informatie voor uitgevers - Een probleem melden - Help - Sitemap - GoogleStartpagina {{item.title}} PSW (Program Status Word)   investigation of DAKTRAN error      3.6. See message TCS029I. 34The DE parameter contents are invalid. The entrypoint should be declared as WINAPI or STDCALL. Source

The reason code is set to 08. 906 The attempt to invoke the LINK(X), LOAD or XCTL(X) service failed. Not initializing the numeric variables before first use SB37    -   Insufficient disk space (End of volume and no further volume specified) SD37    -   Insufficient disk space. (No secondary allocation RuddSpringer Science & Business Media, 6 dec. 2012 - 342 pagina's 0 Recensieshttps://books.google.nl/books/about/Practical_Usage_of_TSO_REXX.html?hl=nl&id=gVflBwAAQBAJREXX is a general purpose language which is easy to learn. Submit the job CKPRSTEF  -  job CKPRSTEF     finished OK with   CC 0000. this page

This is done to prevent users from changing back to a familiar [ERROR_PWD_TOO_RECENT (0x268)]Error Code 617: You have attempted to change your password to one that you have used in the The first number, 8, indicates that this program is executing in 31-bit mode. One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 04The parameter list is not word aligned. 08The parameter list is not accessible. 0CThe length list is not word aligned. E4No more than 117 concatenated data sets can be opened by a BPAM DCB.

Writing to input file Concatenation of files with different record lengths or record formats. The reason code is set to 08. D06 The attempt to load a module to GLOBAL but the module has already been loaded to private storage. C0The parameter list is not accessible or is invalid.

See message TCS018I. 10An unauthorized caller attempted to issue a SYNCH(X) with the STATE. Check for subscript errors, missing DD card, file not opened.     (Missing / Misspelled DD name, Read / Write to un-opened dataset, Read to dataset that opened in       OUTPUT mode, The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. https://srinimf.com/2012/02/08/sql-errors-300-301-302-303-304/ Modules marked as “only loadable” may only be accessed via the LOAD service.

U1056   -   Program didn't close a file before ending   DB2 Return Codes    00      -           Successful +100     -           End of cursor / Successful Row not found -104     -           One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 08The DCB address is invalid. 0CThe DEBCHK VERIFY service failed for the DCB. 46D The attempt to invoke the One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 08There is no EXLST for the DCB. 0CThere is no JFCB or ARL entry in the EXLST. 10The JFCB or B37 An output operation was attempted on a disk data set but the file system is full.

An I/O error occurred. 14The DCBLRECL field is invalid. 18An invalid Record Descriptor Word was found for an output operation. 30The DCBLRECL field is invalid for MACRF=(PM). 40The DECB is invalid. One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 10010001The parameter list is not word aligned. 10010002A multiple line WTOR was requested. 10010003The parameter list is not accessible. 10010004The See message TCS029I. Retry transaction after doing so. [ERROR_ALLOCATE_BUCKET (0x25A)]Error Code 603: The user/kernel marshalling buffer has overflowed. [ERROR_MARSHALL_OVERFLOW (0x25B)]Error Code 604: The supplied variant structure contains invalid data. [ERROR_INVALID_VARIANT (0x25C)]Error Code 605: The

Dump analysis for  Cobol source program compiled and executed           2.1. this contact form This may be insecure. One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 04An unauthorized caller attempted to free subpool zero. 08An attempt was made to free a subpool number greater than 127. ECThe BPAM DCB LRECL for fixed length records must match the LRECL of all concatenated data sets.

REASON ,   TYPE OF RESOURCE , AND RESOURCE NAME   SQLCODE  -902, Error: POINTER TO ESSENTIAL CONTROL BLOCK(RDA/CT) HAS VALUE 0, REBIND REQUIRED   SQLCODE  -901, Error: UNSUCCESSFUL EXECUTION CAUSED DUMP investigation of  the failing Assembler  instruction and DAKMSTR repare      3.4. The recovery was successful. [ERROR_REGISTRY_RECOVERED (0x3F6)]Error Code 1015: The registry is corrupted. have a peek here ABEND S0C7  message explication    To determine what kind of system error message is ABEND S0C7, go to MVS system codes using the following link: http://publibz.boulder.ibm.com/epubs/pdf/iea2h734.pdf - link to ZOS MVS

Then locate the record  with Command ===>  f  X'6600180000000000000823′ Using PF5 go to position 230  as follows:   The LAKM-BUF-LEN  at  position 231  (two bytes 231-232 that are  001F = 31 The reason code is set to the Data Exception Code, which should be one of: 00Decimal Operand. 08IEEE inexact and truncated. 0CIEEE inexact and incremented. 10IEEE underflow, exact. 18IEEE underflow, inexact First enter – Ditto edit – VSAM – file - KCI08.D0595.LAKMSTR – in HEX.

The reason code is set to 08. 0C9 A Program Check Interrupt for a Fixed Point Divide Exception occurred.

It contains an extensive library of powerful functions which greatly reduces the amount of coding necessary to write applications. One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 10CThe STIMERM SET service was called with a GMT, LT or TOD interval greater than 24 hours. 110The STIMERM SET Dump analysis for  Cobol  program execution  without source available           3.1. Should problems occur with this system [ERROR_MP_PROCESSOR_MISMATCH (0x2D5)]Error Code 726: The system was put into hibernation. [ERROR_HIBERNATED (0x2D6)]Error Code 727: The system was resumed from hibernation. [ERROR_RESUME_HIBERNATION (0x2D7)]Error Code 728: Windows

See message TCS012I. 18The ADDR parameter is invalid. COBOL intercepts this and displays "QSAM error, status 92". The first operand  address is changed  to   4E221 (4E13E + E3)    but  the second operand address is the same  F30030B  (F300144 + 1C7). Check This Out For instance, when exceeding 16 extents of a PDS.

Dump analysis with Cobol source program compiled and executed are performed on the base of PSW information, Assembler listing of Cobol compilation and  dump investigation. Document information More support for: z/OS family Software version: 300 Operating system(s): z/OS Reference #: PM94979 Modified date: 04 November 2013 Site availability Site assistance Contact and feedback Need support? The reason code is set to 0D. 0CE A Program Check Interrupt for a Significance Exception occurred. See message TCS012I. 20Invalid parameter list version.

Select NO to continue execution. Last modified on July 30, 2006 mainframesguru.inSearch this site JCL ABEND CodesCICS ABEND CodesCICS Interview QuestionsCOBOL Interview QuestionsDB2 Architecture and Address SpacesDB2 Catalog and Directory TablesDB2 CommandsDB2 DBA Course ContentsDB2 Interview Error field repare in the LAKMSTR record 3. Find the second operand data in the dump using the calculated address above(1A380): F 1A380 - found 4 bytes: 19952120 – Second operand data (4 decimal packed bytes) are not OK,

The reason code is set to 08. CHECKPOINT SERVICE DB2 V12 SUPPORT 3. One of the following reason codes are associated with the error: 38The DCB KEYLEN parameter is invalid. Program LOANSNEW compilation with  job COBBATCH  listing investigation To find out what is  wrong with   First operand data,   a  logic  from  PGM=LOANSNEW is  needed.

See message TCS029I. The caller now needs to enumerate the files to find the changes. [ERROR_NOTIFY_ENUM_DIR (0x3FE)]Error Code 1051: A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent DFSIXB01: Add support for the IXBU1BOK variable and update both path variables. To use all processors the operating system restricts itself to the features of the least capable processor in the system.

The reason code is set to 01. 0C2 A Program Check Interrupt for a Privileged Operation Exception occurred. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. Whereas S0C7 is data exception?