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Jira Error Creating Issue Source Generic Value Cannot Be Null

Screenshot instructions: Windows Mac Red Hat Linux Ubuntu Click URL instructions: Right-click on ad, choose "Copy Link", then paste here → (This may not be possible with some types of Add an assign activity with an English name. It will copy:SchemesRole membershipsCustom field configurationsOptionally, versions and componentOptionally, all issues and their attachments in the source project.This is useful for creating template projects with issues with template documents.Certain Greenhopper constructs, Go to the Source view of the XSL file, and see that an extra amp; is appended. & Workaround: In Source view of the XSL file, remove the extra character http://ascadys.net/jira-error/jira-error-creating-issue-null.html

Workaround: Create a folder under the domain home with the name AIADataStore before you start the installation. Yes, I had asked this question in behaviours confluence page. The reference fault tables are updated. Inconsistent States for SOA Composite Application Instances in Recovery Bug: 9574804 Added: 29-April-2011 Platform: All When a SOA composite application instance is being recovered, callback messages and activities are displayed as https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-5255

Subsequent start is successful. Workaround: Manually localize the schema. In addition, do not use this option programmatically with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Management Java API Reference for Oracle SOA Suite.

PI20983 Update information returned from SOAP port PI21680 Unable to enable interoperability mode under single sign on settings from administrative console PI26128 From the console if you select everything under policy Attention to PK/FK field names > > CREATE TABLE AAA ( > A1 INTEGER NOT NULL, > A2 INTEGER, > A3 INTEGER > ); > ALTER TABLE AAA ADD CONSTRAINT PK_AAA But the Search Navigator does not show any issues. I need to investigate this some more and then I'll get back to you, I've added you as a watcher to GRV-53.

If for instance you are using a proxy server and it times you out, wait for a message like the following to appear in your log file: [groovy.canned.admin.RenameUser] Completed rename of Also, thanks J Thomas for your valuable advises. Log into SQL*Plus. https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-3965 Have you any idea how can I do this easly ?

For example, updating the AUDITEVENTS table EXCEPTION column to UTF-8 in the JIRA database would be done with: ALTER TABLE `jira`.`AO_78C957_AUDITEVENTS` MODIFY COLUMN `EXCEPTION` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci DEFAULT auditFlushByteThreshold: Controls the approximate size of the batch. If the adapter throws an exception, instance tracking logs this as a fault. Then, update the reference using this WSDL copy.

Am I looking in the wrong place?  Here's what I see: Note: Different scripts are available for workflow functions and listeners. https://thepluginpeople.atlassian.net/wiki/display/JEMH/Common+Problems Permalink Like Mar 19, 2011 Jamie Echlin Hi Valentijn, No, that's not the intention, and I've tested that the shares are maintained... After that, the correct number of business events are inserted. Enable the Disable fetching of instance and fault count metrics check box.

Is there a specific reason why the Change Dashboard / Filters script is 4.1+? navigate here PI23764 After removing the server which is mapped to the scope of dynamic SSL, server fails to start with NullPointerException PI26151 CWPKI0036E enabling certificate expiration monitor PI26983 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException using getSSOCookieFromSSOToken method Open the AIAInstallProperties.xml from the AIA_INSTANCE/config directory Change the participatingapplication\:/. This is the error I'm getting in the log: 2011-07-08 16:11:12,115 http-8080-3 WARN devrimayata 971x129x1 dr1sdq /secure/CommentAssignIssue.jspa [onresolve.jira.groovy.CannedScriptRunner] Class com.onresolve.jira.groovy.canned.workflow.postfunctions.SendCustomEmail failed to load: Could not find matching constructor for: groovy.lang.Binding(groovy.lang.Binding)

However, the flow trace shows a status of completed for the database adapter service. Due to indexing changes in JIRA 5.1, this post-function should be placed immediate after the function: Re-index an issue to keep indexes in sync with the database. InvokeCreateRating invokes composite GetCreditRating as an external reference partner link on the same server or a remote server. Check This Out Check out the community or submit a support ticket.

PI20299 Cache control header was updated by channel framework but updated incorrectly with quotes PI20433 JPA pagination is not working PI20817 The application-scoped managed beans are not instantiated/initialized when the web Oracle Mediator sets its state to faulted. Telefon: 08-761 06 55 Mobil: 0733-44 24 64 [Firebird-net-provider] [FB-Tracker] Created: (DNET-446) Develop installer for DDEX provider, to facilitate the installation of this excellent provider From: Roberto Carlos da Silva (JIRA)

Or do you want to do something in a post-function?

For programmers, the biggest impediment to adoption of the firebird with visual studio, it is certainly complicated steps to install and put into production the DDEX provider. I'm using v4.4#649-r158309, groovy-all-1.8.1. Premium Act! However, the previous BPEL instance (the one that failed schema validation) is still shown as faulted.

It's sensible to take a database backup first, to try to do this at a quiet time, and to test afterwards. Warning in Installation Log Bug: 12985128 Added: 19-September-2011 Platform: All When you install, install log shows the following warning "WARNING: UNRECOGNIZED OPTION STAGE IS BEING IGNORED". In some cases different versions of each script are loaded automatically using a custom ClassLoader. http://ascadys.net/jira-error/jira-500-error-after-upgrade.html PM98916 NullPointerException in isRDNProperty API call PM99486 getUsersForGroup does not return members of subgroups when searchBases set for entityTypes General PI04875 Help on manage users/groups not visible with cell profile PI04945

To set up a timezone perform the following tasks: Login to WebLogic console. Duration Period Details Are Not Displayed on the Partition Home Page Bug: 13328823 Added: 09-December-2011 Platform: All On the partition home page in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, the instance Oracle SOA Composer Removing Extra Set Text Dialog Characters Bug: 9062901 Added: 29-April-2011 Platform: All Adding & to the Text field of the Edit Text dialog in Oracle JDeveloper adds extra Test the web service from the Test Page in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console by deliberately passing a float value for an input string.

StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder(); // or ?? Please guide me to fix this. -- This message is automatically generated by JIRA. - If you think it was sent incorrectly contact one of the administrators: http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/secure/Administrators.jspa - For more Fix packs containing PM90923 have no error PI08230 Application start fails with out of memory exception when a class inheritance loop is present PI08245 Fail to configure plugin in PCT on The default value is 2 MB.

This is incorrect. Briefly describe the problem (required): Upload screenshot of ad (required): Select a file, or drag & drop file here. ✔ ✘ Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: Home Browse cheers, jamie Permalink Like Jul 06, 2011 Unknown User (devrimayata) Hi Jamie, I also have a strange problem regarding "Transition parent when all subtasks are resolved". 1) I put "Transition parent when all For example, perform the following steps: Enable the following properties on the SOA Infrastructure Common Properties page: Select the Restrict display of instances and faults to the last check box and

PI41076 JMX client fails to connect with ClassNotFoundException: com.ibm.ws.management.PlatformMBeanServerBuilder PM72624 Server running dpmanager won't shut down on z/OS Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PI25880 $AdminApp edit fails with Do you want to enforce that pattern in a validator? Ensure they are right. Sign up for the SourceForge newsletter: I agree to receive quotes, newsletters and other information from sourceforge.net and its partners regarding IT services and products.

Because of this, you may encounter flows where the pattern XPath expression points to a missing element in the payload, which internally gets converted into an empty string. but now I have just a query where I need to add several parameter inputs. Permalink Like Aug 30, 2011 Unknown User (uncledave) I'm struggling with what appears to beinconsistent behaviour in the Script Listeners. The following sets the resolution and assigns to a user: issue.setAssigneeId("admin") issue.setResolutionId("1") You can use this script multiple times on a transition, eg the Create Issue transition, to effect different default

Configuring the 11G Server to Access Queues Present in 10.1.3.X OC4J You can configure your 11G server to access queues present in 10.1.3.x OC4J with the following steps, which include: Copying For example, perform the following steps: In the XSLT Mapper, right-click a string element in the target pane.