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Juniper Error Insertion Point Not Found

The -nogui flag is a workaround to get the connection running, when you can't get Java working. Error 104 ncapp> Incorrect credentials. I've managed to find out the ip address of the server and tried to ssh directly to that, but it doesn't manage to connect and times out. It works like a charm on 32 bit karmic/mint through web interface. Check This Out

Oddly the internet works perfectly (i presume this is my work connection) EXCEPT for sites on my university domain (which i guess it tries to go through the vpn for). These are the currently supported parameters for the 6.3 version (found in the binary -- several of them are not shown in the command help/usage): -h|--host - Hostname of IVE Probably not. frrictionNovember 5th, 2009, 02:30 AMI have working juniper client in Ubuntu 9.10 Step I followed 1.

binukavumkalMarch 27th, 2009, 09:53 AMI have not done any set up. Now that I am running 64bit, I can no longer connect using the firefox browser (apparently due to an incompatibility between ncsvc and java 64 bit). The popup comes where I get asked for my root-pass. azure-policy proposals azure-proposal[edit][email protected]# ...ared-key ascii-text SECRETKEYREMOVED[edit][email protected]# ...y azure-gateway ike-policy azure-policy[edit][email protected]# ...y azure-gateway address IPADDDRESSREMOVED[edit][email protected]# ...y azure-gateway external-interface ge-0/0/0[edit][email protected]# set security ike gateway azure-gateway version v2-only[edit][email protected]# ...--------------------------------------------------------[edit][email protected]# # IPSec configuration[edit][email protected]# #[edit][email protected]# ...me

Harry was a contributing author to Juniper Network Complete Reference (McGraw-Hill, 2002), and wrote the JNCIE and JNCIP Study Guides (Sybex Books, 2003). I have found a way around this by not adding a default gateway, but instead add add multiple specific roting rules. My guess is that Network Manager is being too clever (for want of a better term) and is dropping the Network Connect VPN connection because it didn't initiate it. He is the author of the Juniper QFX10000 Series, Juniper QFX5100 and Juniper MX Series published by O’Reilly Media.Douglas is also the co-founder of the Bay Area Juniper Users Group (BAJUG).

The dialogue disapears but ncui doesn't start - I tried the script from the Topic-Starter. I then enter my user Password at the RSA Code prompt, and it appears to be working. However, there is nothing to fret about as this is only an indication that you need to do something. I can now print to school computers directly from my laptop.

Version 6.3.0 cpeperaJuly 20th, 2009, 06:40 PMInterestingly I can launch the applet no problem on my desktop at work (Ubuntu 8.10) through the web interface. It's another case if a software causes the error since you need to do re-installation. Next you need to modify the juniperrc script so it uses the 32bit version of java by setting JDK_HOME appropriately. The URL I type in for the login page is something like: ssl.company.com/client_company It gets redirected to something like: https://ssl.company.com/something/auth/(client_company)url_default/welcome.cgi - Can anybody tell me which URL I should use as

Do we know why it can't load the ncui library? http://spotidoc.com/doc/445376/release-notes-2012.2 The issue is with the client — probably based on server-side policy - it aggressively shuts down all other network connections and forces the exclusive use of the VPN connection. I have tried before on various ubuntu distros with no success. Occurs when the firmware is upgraded from to 169646 Some SSO Authentication/RADIUS accounting inactive users time out prematurely.

Occurs when a series of failovers and failbacks happen with extended switches configured on the HA pair. 171030 Unable to log in to a secondary unit with changed administrator credentials. his comment is here Juniper network connect will not run in 64bit java. No matter what I tried (init=/bin/sh, various kernel parameters, other kernel images), it booted as normal. I've managed to get the GUI run up by installing ia32 java6, then using mad-scientist's script, with a quick tweak to set the JDK_HOME to be JAVA6_32_HOME, which get's set at

Could try it with a Red Hat install if you want to keep it free. The CFS policy is triggered when a user tries to access a web site in the blocked category, but displays the message instead of the CFS block page. 159438 Users Resolved After the password is entered I get a popup that says: "VPN Failed!", and the terminal echoes back: Failed to load the ncui library. http://ascadys.net/juniper-error/juniper-error-fb-8.html krzychoszDecember 16th, 2009, 09:08 PMHi again I was desperate to get it running so I decided to reinstall my kubuntu to a 32bit.

one regular password and one PIN+RSA_token... I tried to get it work with a cleaninstall of 9.04 (32bit) and didn't even get the Network-Connect client to start with firefox nor epiphany. Occurs when the administrator username and password are changed on the primary unit; the change is not made on the secondary unit. 161560 With site-to-site VPN between a SonicWALL appliance and

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He loves troubleshooting complex routing and switching issues and he has spent much time in labs reverse engineering different routing platforms including the Juniper MX series. I manage to get the juniper java applet running from shell (not using browser), but I cannot connect. thanks cpeperaDecember 23rd, 2009, 05:45 PMcocoa117, the login information is stored in a configuration file named .vpn.default.cfg in your home directory. He works in the Switching and Security Product Team (SSPT) that’s responsible for the Juniper EX, QFX, and SRX Series hardware, software, and solutions.Previously he was a Sr.

Occurs when GMS is configured to manage the remote firewalls via a Management Tunnel and tries to manage the unit via the public address. 166455 High Availability Resolved issue Issue ID YOu won't be able to connect using your browser (it only supports 64bit plugins.) TomdaWombat can you clarify this statement? Web: The ncsvc binary is found in ~/.juniper_networks/network_connect/ To set up the certificate file, the client executes the ncLinuxApp.jar/getx509certificate.sh script, which does some pretty silly things to fetch the certificate from navigate here seventhsAugust 7th, 2009, 12:19 PMI thought I'd add some notes I gathered while playing around with the NC client in Linux.

The juniperrc script constantly gives me - Failed to load the ncui library. For -nogui it simply restarts with the dialog box VPN quit successfully. In the code, but not documented. -K|--Kill - Kill ncsvc -y|--proxy - Proxy address -z|--proxy-port - Proxy port -s|--proxy-user - Proxy username -a|--proxy-pass - Proxy password -d|--proxy-domain On the network connect applet it constantly says 'bytes sent 0' and 'bytes received 0' so i guess there's nothing going to or from the vpn when i try to ssh.

I hate updating/upgrading to new Ubuntu animal - every time I have done so I end up with Juniper not working. Sigma47November 12th, 2009, 08:58 PMThen run the junipernc script as you usually would. It throws the following Java error. Now, instead of an Error 104 as below, i'm now getting the following: [email protected]:~$ junipernc Searching for ncsvc in current working directory Searching for ncsvc in /home/gavinw/.juniper_networks/network_connect done.

I hit 2 times Enter. Where else might I be able to find it? Previously I had x86_64. After first connection I disable the root account.

krzychoszDecember 13th, 2009, 04:58 PMHi All I'm attaching to this thread as I have some issue at the very end when running 'junippernc' script from madscientist. Unfortunately my detailed information on this is at home; I keep meaning to find the time to update the website. The best thing to do is open the computer in safe mode so that you are able to uninstall the software recently added, also remove any hardware devices linked to it. This is extremely frustrating. :confused: stomicAugust 19th, 2009, 03:16 PMUpdate - Fixed my own problem.

Obviously I'm new to ubuntu, and like others it's been humbling learning a new OS after using windows since it's inception, but linux it starting to grow on me, rather slowly Using Firefox 3.0.10 and Kubuntu/Ubuntu 8.04.2, the link in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins was ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- My VPN preparation was complete after a successful test at . YOu won't be able to connect using your browser (it only supports 64bit plugins.) I realized that my colleagues are using 32 bit Karmic and it works for them. I didn't put the two events together until after I read your post.