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Kofax Error Not Capable

Check that your configuration is correct and your control files have not been corrupted. 20001 KGERRENGINENOTINITIALIZED KGERR_ENGINENOTINITIALIZED Engine not initialized. Check the BHACEFunction and BHACESensitivity settings. 20403 KGERRBADBARCODETYPECOMBO KGERR_BADBARCODETYPECOMBO Invalid bar code type combination. Check the capability properties and change your settings. 20407 KGERRBADUSERLICENSE KGERR_BADUSERLICENSE Not currently used. Check your IniFileName and IniSectionName properties (for each control). 20122 KGERRSCNADFMISSPICK KGERR_SCNADFMISSPICK ADF did not pick up a page. http://ascadys.net/kofax-error/kofax-error-770.html

No accelerator board. 20172 KGERRNOTREADY KGERR_NOTREADY Device is not ready. 20173 KGERRTONERLOW KGERR_TONERLOW Printer toner is low. Refer to your scanner manufacturer's documentation. 20099 KGERRWRITINGDATA KGERR_WRITINGDATA Error writing data. Either the image width is zero or too large. 20180 KGERRENGINEBUSY KGERR_ENGINEBUSY Engine is busy. 20189 KGERRNOSLAVE KGERR_NOSLAVE Attempt to scan duplex without a required secondary accelerator board. In my batch settings, docproccesing >> general tab section, there is not "scanner : post scan" while in my colleques docproccessing section, general tab have " Kofax Software Import Source (image http://knowledgebase.kofax.com/faqsearch/results.aspx?QAID=2990

Check your scanner manufacturer's documentation. 20111 KGERRIMAGELENGTHMISMATCH KGERR_IMAGELENGTHMISMATCH Image length mismatch. 20112 KGERRINVALIDSOURCERECT KGERR_INVALIDSOURCERECT Invalid source rectangle. Log In E-mail or User ID Password Keep me signed in Recover Password Create an Account Blogs Discussions CHOOSE A TOPIC Business Intelligence C Languages Cloud Computing Communications Technology CRM Check the KScan ScanMake setting. 20150 KGERRBADBOARDTYPE KGERR_BADBOARDTYPE Wrong board type. Verify the path and file name specified in the IniFileName properties for each control. 20018 KGERRINIDOESNOTEXIST KGERR_INIDOESNOTEXIST .INI file does not exist.

Check the specified file name and path. Change to single-image mode or use a different scanner. 20400 KGERRSCNWRONGMAKE KGERR_SCNWRONGMAKE The scanner firmware loaded on the Kofax accelerator is a different make than the one selected. For print operations, make sure the KPrnt PSPage property is not greater than PSPageCount. 20108 KGERRINVALIDZONEINISECTION KGERR_INVALIDZONEINISECTION Invalid zone .INI file section. Answer / Solution: This can occur if your default scan source has a source type of scanning without image processing.

For print operations, check the KPrnt IOCompressionCap and IOStgFltCap properties and set IOCompression and IOStgFlt accordingly. 20025 KGERRSCANNERNOPAPER KGERR_SCANNERNOPAPER Scanner ran out of paper. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. The image data you are reading has been corrupted or you are having problems reading the data from disk (possibly from a slow floppy drive or across a network). 20011 KGERRENGINENOTPRINTCAPABLE pop over to these guys Put paper in the scanner and try again. 20026 KGERRSCANNERPAPERJAM KGERR_SCANNERPAPERJAM A paper jam occurred in the scanner.

Contact the scanner vendor if VRS 4.2 is bundled with the scanner you purchased. Check the KScan ScanManualStartCap property and set ScanManualStart accordingly. 20062 KGERRBADPAPERDST KGERR_BADPAPERDST Invalid paper destination. Designed by Vjacheslav Trushkin for Free Forums/DivisionCore. Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC - 8 hours Powered by phpBB © 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group United States English English

For scan operations, check the KScan IOCompressionCap property and set IOCompression accordingly. original site The illegal combinations are Interleaved 2 of 5 and Linear 2 of 5, UPC-A and EAN, UPC-A and UPC-E, and Postnet and any other type. Resolve the scanner paper jam and try again. 20027 KGERRNOTCAPABLE KGERR_NOTCAPABLE Device not capable of performing the operation or you have mismatched drivers, .DLLs, and control files. A more-descriptive error is usually generated. 20067 KGERRADFPRESENT KGERR_ADFPRESENT Status, ADF is present. 20068 KGERRBADDITHER KGERR_BADDITHER Invalid dither setting.

A more descriptive error is usually generated. 20050 KGERRBADPICKINGRECTANGLE KGERR_BADPICKINGRECTANGLE Bad picking rectangle settings. http://ascadys.net/kofax-error/kofax-error-1722.html Check your KPrnt source rectangle properties (such as SourceRectHeight and SourceRectWidth). 20113 KGERRINVALIDDESTINATIONRECT KGERR_INVALIDDESTINATIONRECT Invalid destination rectangle. Check your settings against the capabilities of the device. Check that the file has not been opened by someone else.

Install a secondary accelerator. 20197 KGERRRESERVEFAIL KGERR_RESERVEFAIL Unable to reserve the engine/peripheral. 20199 KGERRINVALIDEDITION KGERR_INVALIDEDITION Feature is not available with current product edition. Absolutely Not at all Kofax Customer Portal Kofax Contact Us Copyright © 1992- Kofax, Inc. For print operations, check the PaperSizeCap and OrientationCap properties and set PaperSize and Orientation accordingly. 20077 KGERRBADSIZEDPICOMBO KGERR_BADSIZEDPICOMBO Invalid paper size/DPI combination. this content Replace the fuse.

You attempted to use a feature that is not supported. 20047 KGERRCONTROLNOTFOUND KGERR_CONTROLNOTFOUND Control not found. In addition, Fujitsu IPC scanners do not support scanning at resolutions greater than 400 DPI in Standard DTC mode. Open or scan an image and retry the operation. 20005 KGERRSCALINGERROR KGERR_SCALINGERROR Image scaling error.

Call Kofax Technical Support. 20085 KGERRUNSUPPORTEDCOMPFORMAT KGERR_UNSUPPORTEDCOMPFORMAT Unsupported compression format.

When used with Kofax Capture / Ascent Capture the following error messages are returned: “error 20027: Not Capable” or “Skew Correction Not Supported”.This issue can also manifest itself in Capture's Admimistration A more-descriptive error is usually generated. 20030 KGERREVENTERROR KGERR_EVENTERROR Event returned error. 20031 KGERRSTARTINGSCANNER KGERR_STARTINGSCANNER The scanner could not be started. The file format you are attempting to use is not supported by ImageControls or the file you are attempting to use has been corrupted. A more-descriptive error is usually generated. 20024 KGERRINVALIDSTORAGECOMBO KGERR_INVALIDSTORAGECOMBO Invalid storage filter/compression type combination.

Check that your sources are configured correctly with the KSM. Or, change your application to print with KPrnt. FileNet Capture 4.1 installation error FileNet Capture 5.0.1 and Scanner Fujitsu 4860-c2 Filenet Capture Difference Between FileNet Capture and Ascent Capture How to configure Capture Professional 5.2 with Image Services White have a peek at these guys You attempted to use the flatbed with paper in the ADF.

Check that the source type specified by the KScan ActiveDevice property is the same as the source type specified by DeviceAlias. 20230 KGERRNOSOURCEAVAILABLE KGERR_NOSOURCEAVAILABLE No sources have been configured with the For scan operations, make sure the KScan PSPage property is not greater than PSPageCount. Refer to your scanner manufacturer's documentation. 20097 KGERRBADENDORSERSTRING KGERR_BADENDORSERSTRING Invalid endorser string. A more-descriptive error is usually generated. 20042 KGERRNA KGERR_NA Not available.

Stop button was pressed. 20091 KGERRFUSEBLOWN KGERR_FUSEBLOWN Peripheral fuse blown.