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Labview Error 201003

For example, E Series devices use lines 0, 1, 2, and 4 on port 0 to communicate with a SCXI module. Unroll one of the "repeat" loops if possible, or change the script and run it several times. Error -200011Task cannot contain both input and output channels. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”- Scott Adams 1 Kudo Message 2 of 13 (8,562 Views) Reply 1 Kudo Re: Spontaneous Error Code 201003 this content

The driver automatically coerced it to the minimum supported value. You must open the Configuration panel and associate the NI PXIe-5605 with a supported or external digitizer and a supported or external LO. Error -200027Sample clock rate has been coerced to the minimum supported value because the specified value was too low. If you are generating your clock internally, please contact National Instruments Technical Support. http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/5413F392D88326148625746B006745C5

Error -200171Virtual channel cannot be created. This allows the driver to automatically select an appropriate value for the other property. How is this possible? The device will shut down if its temperature exceeds the maximum recommended operating temperature.

To free up trigger lines, you can do any of the following: 1. Error -200276Reference clock source and sample clock source cannot be the same. If the module is not visible in Device Manager or never appears in MAX, it could indicate that the device is damaged. Error -200077The NI PXIe-5611 is not configured properly.

Reconfigure the digital power-up states and perform a self-calibration. Error -200133Counter timebase source, counter timebase rate, master timebase divisor, and master timebase rate settings are inconsistent with one another. Liegt es eher am System (Hardware) oder Software (verwendete Bausteine, Einstellungen) ? Check This Out Screwing the card in requires you to push the card a bit out of its natural position sitting in the PCI slot.

Error -200215Memory Mapping is not supported for buffered operations. Reduce the sample clock rate, or the accuracy of the generated signal might be compromised. Thanks in advance. Alternatively, make sure the sample clock rate and sample clock divisor satisfy the following constraint: rate = timebase / divisor Error -200274Sample clock rate desired is too high for an external

Reduce the number of channels. http://www.techyv.com/questions/error-201003-labview-project Error -200058Identifier in the list entry is too long. Possible causes: Device is no longer present in the system. Error -200030Subset specified in a generate instruction exceeds the waveform boundaries.

Error -200003Channel cannot be used more than once inside a list of channels. news Error -200036Number of iterations specified for a finite "repeat" loop is invalid. The final sample acquired can be determined by querying the total samples acquired after an acquisition has stopped. But it is very strange that my equipment has been running well for more than one year(so I think the card should have seated well),just suddenly one day when I try

Go to top Sign in Join Home Solutions Articles View Articles Create Article Blogs View Blogs Create Blog Questions Questions Unanswered Answers Not Accepted Solved Answers Create Question Tips View Tips All Rights Reserved. Error -200206Advance trigger and Advance Complete event must use the same polarity in this particular switch device. http://ascadys.net/labview-error/labview-error-10.html Refer to the documentation for information on connection ranges and semicolon modifiers.

Error -200154Reference current applied for calibration is outside the range defined for calibration of this device. To avoid unseating the card, you might leave the card side of the cable plugged in, and just unplug the other end if you need to do anything with the terminal Error -200010Finite acquisition or generation has been stopped before the requested number of samples were acquired or generated.

Ensure that the device is not being reset.

Error -200047Self-calibration section of the EEPROM on the device appears to be corrupt. If you suspect that the device is damaged, contact National Instruments at ni.com/support.Device Specified: Dev1 I can't understand the problem, but the power is correct, the LED is on, Error -200119Port is configured for static digital operations by another task. The conflicting properties must satisfy the following restraint: 2 / Counter Timebase Rate <= X <= Counter Maximum Count/ Counter Timebase Rate where X = Initial Delay, High Time, and Low

Error -200070The NI PXI-5665 (14 GHz) is not configured properly. Error -200196Action at the end of the scan list is not valid for this device. Error -200202Relay name is invalid. check my blog The following constraint must hold: Offset > (Gain * Minimum Value / 2) Error -200269Specified Offset is too large for the given AO Gain and Maximum Value.

The driver computed the Sample Timebase Source Divisor by dividing the Master Timebase Rate by the Sample Timebase Rate. Error -200176Operation is not permitted while the switch device is scanning. Use the Active Channel property to select a specific channel from which to retrieve properties. The position and offset specified a sample prior to the first sample acquired (sample 0).

Error -200004Input termination resistor for one or more channels was overloaded. The reference signal was not stable over the period of time that the hardware was being calibrated. For tasks using sample clock timing slow down the hardware clock or else change your application so that it can keep up with the hardware clock. Disconnect any routes spanning this terminal, or stop any tasks using this terminal.