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Labview Error Code 10

Try generating the report again. There are more format specifiers than the number of arguments of a Format Into String or Scan From String function. 85 Scan failed. To correct this error and inline the subVI, remove the implicit Property Node or Invoke Node. 1488 The migration file cannot load because it is no longer supported. 1489 The migration All rights reserved.| Cart|Help KnowledgeBase Request Supportfrom an engineer NIHome > Support > KnowledgeBase English 3 ratings: 4.66 out of 5   Archived: Error 10 http://ascadys.net/labview-error/labview-error-code-30.html

Please tell us why. If this error is returned from a Property or Invoke Node, the property or method might not be allowed for remote VI Server connections. If you try to overwrite a file without the correct permission, this function does not create or open a file, and the function returns error 10.To avoid this error, wire a Go to Solution. http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Error-Code-10-occurred-at-Open-Create-Replace-File/td-p/1444254

This error also can occur if you attempt to obtain a VI's image while the VI is being modified programmatically. The palette type value has enumeration values of Controls or Functions. Try freeing up disk space or saving to a different disk or drive. The Scan From String function was unable to scan its input because the data was not in the expected format.

You can create the folder along with a time stamp including seconds so that your folders will be new always otherwise before creating the folder check whether it is already created The file may be corrupt. 4811 Cannot support sound format. Make sure you include the front panel of the VI when building a stand-alone application. 1014 Linker error. 1015 Printer is not responding. This problem might occur due to a type cast error. 1564 Project file cannot be saved at this time.

You can use this property only with the Conditional Disable structure. 1377 A Diagram Disable Structure cannot have conditions. Size input must be a positive number or -1 for unlimited size. 1550 The license for the I/O server type is invalid. 1553 The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine cannot load the polymorphic This is caused by trying to allocate a buffer that is too large for memory. go to this web-site Thanks and RegardsHimanshu Goyal | LabVIEW Engineer- Power System AutomationValues that steer us ahead: Passion | Innovation | Ambition | Diligence | TeamworkIt Only gets BETTER!!! 0 Kudos Message 5 of

LabVIEW does not support this device driver on Windows Vista or later. −4824 Clipped Floating-point data to fit the range [-1.0, 1.0]. To do this right-click on the installer, select Properties, and uncheck the box labeled Read-only in the attributes section. Refer to the National Instruments Web site to download the VIs. 1196 Cannot list the same terminal more than once in the grown region of the expandable subVI. 1197 This operation You must load an instance of the polymorphic VI instead of the polymorphic VI itself. 1125 File version is later than the current LabVIEW version. 1126 VI version is too early

Verify the values you wired to the Open VI Reference function. 1097 An exception occurred within the external code called by a Call Library Function Node. see this Recompiling the VI may fix this issue. 4800 Selected Device is Invalid The currently selected device index is invalid. JSON strings must be encoded in UTF-8 and must conform to the JSON grammar. −375002 The cluster element name is invalid. To correct this error, ensure that a drag and drop operation is in progress when you call this function and that the data type and drag data name match what is

In this case you must rebuild the application for the target OS and make sure SSE compiler settings in the build specifications match the target platform. news A format specifier does not match the data type of its corresponding argument in a Format Into String or Scan From String function. 82 Unknown format specifier. The specified wave format is not supported. For example, if you build a data acquisition VI and you also include lvdaq.dll as a support file, you have actually provided the path to this DLL twice, once through the

Frequency domain waveforms are constructed with a base frequency f0 and a delta frequency df. Wait until the VI is not being modified to get the image of a panel or diagram. 1001 The VI front panel is not open. You cannot use queues for communication between LabVIEW application instances. 1492 If you obtain a notifier reference in one application instance, you cannot use that notifier reference in another application instance. have a peek at these guys Select Customize┬╗View This Palette As from the Controls or Functions palette to change the palette view format. −4401 The specified file is not a valid palette file (.mnu).

event. When I look in the Windows Device Manager, the chassis shows up as a "PCI standard to PCI-to-PCI bridge" with a yellow exclamation mark next to it. For example if the input is a path, the path might contain a character not allowed by the OS such as ?

Ensure that a task is active and try again.

is FALSE and a queue or notifier with that name was not found, LabVIEW returns this error. 1102 The string wired to the xml string input is empty. 1103 The XML To correct this error, verify that the drag data array is not NULL and that all elements have names and data fields. 1388 The block diagram you are attempting to access Save Edit»Make Current Values Default. YourFeedback!

Run the Application Builder again. Although normal allocation might run the system out of memory, frequently an out of memory error is caused by interpreting the data incorrectly and treating something that is data as the To correct this error, you must obtain a valid license for the VI and its containing library. 1390 You attempted to open a VI Server reference to an out-of-scope VI. http://ascadys.net/labview-error/labview-error-code-3.html The application attempted to write to the file while it was being played.

You also can receive this error if the Scan From File or Scan From String functions reach the end of the file. If you are using the Open/Create/Replace File function or Open/Create/Replace Datalog function, you can wire cancelled to the selector terminal of the case structure instead. i also need your suggestion on my original project code(this is one part of the code i am working upon), i am making some changes in that and will then post You must have DIAdem 9.1 Service Pack 2 or later installed to use the DIAdem Report Express VI. −2580 The Write to Measurement File Express VI cannot append new data to

You cannot use the prefix LV_ on a data name. 1362 Cannot use this property with this string display mode or if word wrapping is enabled. The way that you can tell that your computer is in native PCIe mode is that one of your ports will be listed as a "PCI standard PCI Express to PCI/PCI-X This error code is not currently reported by the LVSound library. 4805 Could not find the sound file. Recompile your code and make sure it runs properly.

Make sure you installed Microsoft Word correctly. 1624 You can only generate web page or plain text reports on OS X and Linux. 1627 The control index at position %d is This is by design. Sync up changes before attempting this operation. 1500 If you obtain a user event reference in one application instance, you cannot use that user event reference in another application instance. Answered Your Question? 1 2 3 4 5 Document needs work?

LabVIEW determines how data is aligned and you cannot alter that alignment. All rights reserved. | Cart|Help You are here:NI Home > Support > Manuals > LabVIEW 2014 Help General LabVIEW Error Codes »Table of Contents LabVIEW 2014 Help Edition Date: Due to race conditions that can occur when you have a Boolean value with latching mechanical action, you cannot programmatically read Boolean values that are set with a latching mechanical action. You must load an instance of the polymorphic VI instead of the polymorphic VI itself. 1125 File version is later than the current LabVIEW version. 1126 VI version is too early

Solution: You are getting this error because your BIOS is likely in native PCIe mode. An input task might stop running if the input buffer overflows. To resolve this error, give the file a path that does not already contain a LabVIEW file in any open application instance. 1358 The splitter bar cannot be moved to this Only one debug connection is allowed per application or shared library. 1444 No VIs to download from application, connection closed. 1445 Open VI Reference no longer matches VIs in memory by

Unnamed mechanisms do not have this restriction, because each request to obtain an unnamed mechanism creates a new mechanism. The permissions will then allow the Delete File function to erase the file and then make the File Copy function work. Recompiling the VI may fix this issue. 1616 The path to save the report is not valid. This error can occur when you write a frequency domain waveform to a file with Segment Headers set to One header only.